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Clint A. VinceClint A. VinceChair of Energy Sector – Dentons – 8th Largest Law Firm

Marina-I support the initiative. The empirical evidence is becoming increasingly clear that companies with Boards that have gender and cultural diversity have better performance records. And, it is simply the right thing to do.

Mike WhiteMike WhiteFormer CEO at DirecTV

I do strongly support efforts to be inclusive and all three of my boards have strong female leaders on them. My DirecTV board also had strong female leaders on it before we were acquired by AT&T.

Cindy ProvinCindy ProvinCEO at Thales

The passing of the bill is an important step in diversity and inclusion. If embraced and executed based on strong leadership and merits, the organization and the board will see success. Gender diversity is a multi-faceted issue that needs continued efforts at all employment levels. This is a great start!

Bracken DarrellBracken DarrellPresident & CEO at Logitech

One woman on a board is a more symbolic act than one that will be effective in isolation. But I support it as a step toward the day when boards are really reflective of the shareholders, customers, and society at large. It’s a statement in general and a declaration that the existing system is biased against common sense and good governance. And every board needs to wake up to that and start to fix it.

Manoj SaxenaManoj SaxenaExecutive Chairman of CognitiveScale, first GM of IBM Watson, and the Saxena Family Foundation

Good board decision-making requires the ability to hear and consider different points of view, which comes from people who have different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. Studies have proven that diversity in leadership roles and on boards is linked with better stock performance in choppy markets, higher return on equity, and fewer governance-related scandals. It’s time that companies took advantage of an untapped pool of qualified women board candidates.

Benno DorerBenno DorerCEO at Clorox

Clorox is proud to have 33% of its Board membership consist of women. We are a better company for it.

David CampisiDavid CampisiFormer CEO & President at Big Lots, Inc. (NYSE: BIG)

Of course I would support MIDA’s new initiative. I am a firm supporter of getting women on public and private boards. What I never understood is the fact is she controls 85% of the household spending. It seems simple she and many others should have a voice at the table. While I was the CEO and President of Big Lot’s ( a publicly traded company) I refreshed our board with 8 independent seats with 4 women. This was an epic day as this was 50% of our board. Be well.

Denny Marie PostDenny Marie PostCEO at RRGB

At Red Robin Gourmet Burgers (RRGB), we have moved our board to 50/50 gender diversity with focus and intention over the past five years. This diversity represents our guest base and created opportunities to broaden the expertise of our board in a meaningful way.  The evidence is clear. Diverse boards and leadership teams generate stronger results. Organizations need to step up to succeed!

Melvyn PunMelvyn PunBillionaire and Former MD at Goldman Sachs

Thank you for reaching out. YG strongly supports the effort to advocate gender diversity in the workplace and on Boards. Empirical evidence supports the improved performance, and it is the right thing to do. We are pleased to support various initiatives, such as the Business Coalition for Gender Equality, to improve awareness and drive this important agenda.

Liza LandsmanLiza LandsmanWalmart-owned Jet.com President

An important, but small, first step toward appropriately diverse and inclusive representation on public boards. As the saying goes, “a journey of a thousand miles….”

David BennettDavid BennettPresident at Lenovo (Japan)

We at Lenovo have learned that diversity is our strength, and we continue to strive to ensure that we have representation across all races, gender, sexual orientation, and cultural background. It would be nice if we didn’t have to mandate diversity, but given our track record as a society, we believe this bill is a step in the right direction and history will show that not only is it the right decision for a better business, but the right decision for a better planet.

Christoph SchellChristoph SchellPresident at HP Inc.

HP has a strong legacy of championing diversity & inclusion in the workplace. We are proud to have one of the most diverse board of directors of any U.S.-based technology company – consisting of 40% women and 25% underrepresented minorities. For HP, supporting efforts that promote diversity & inclusion for all underrepresented groups is a business imperative.”

Peter AdamsPeter AdamsManaging Director at Rockies Venture Fund

Bill SB-826 is a great start towards creating more powerful and effective boards in California.  Opponents have argued that this will place women on boards because of gender and not merit when actually the issue is that women have been denied places on boards in the past because of gender and not merit.  This bill serves only to correct a pervasive bias that has created unbalanced boards for decades and to recognize those whose achievements should have led to board positions long ago.

Scott LenetScott LenetFounder at Touchdown Ventures

We sometimes get the argument backward for why we need more representation on public company boards of directors, specifically when it comes to gender: yes, it’s been demonstrated that the presence of women on these boards makes fiscal sense, and from a purely financial perspective we should certainly be motivated for more women to serve in these roles. But this is often used a justification for the real reason to seek diversity at the board level, which is that it is simply the right thing to do–especially when we are talking about the public interest. Hopefully, private growth companies seeking to become leaders in their fields will also take notice and recognize the value of diverse board composition long before taking steps to complete a public offering.

Betsy ZieglerBetsy ZieglerCEO at 1871

There’s an abundance of research showing that companies with diverse leadership are more innovative and productive than their peers. Given the facts, this legislation is not only a step in the right direction in terms of representation, but also for companies who are looking to improve performance and generate industry-leading ideas, products, and services.

Chris CoulterChris CoulterCEO at GlobeScan

Diversity in all facets of life leads to better decision making and long-term success. This has been proven especially for gender parity on Boards. One of the most impactful things a company can do to help drive their long-term success is to have more women on the Board. It is a simple, fair and smart thing to do. Your employees, shareholders, and stakeholders will all thank you.

Dietrich A. StephanDietrich A. StephanPh.D., Chief Executive Officer

At the board and management levels in our portfolio of companies, diversity of thought, perspective, and experience among qualified professionals have been essential to optimizing for success. At the board and management levels in our portfolio of companies, diversity of thought, perspective, and experience among qualified professionals have been essential to optimizing for success.

Derek ParkinDerek ParkinChief Operating Officer at CLP Holdings

It has become clear to me throughout my career that the greater the diversity of any group, whether that be cultural or gender and preferably both, leads to better decision making. I strongly support the Bill to make having one female Board member mandatory; is one enough? Probably not. Is it the right thing to do? Definitely yes.

Jay TopperJay TopperEVP & CDO at FTD International

The only board I sit on is 40% women and all the board that manage me similar I love the diversity.

Tony MilikinTony MilikinChief Sustainability and Procurement Officer at Anheuser-Busch InBev

AB InBev is a Belgium company and we follow EU laws and guidelines. We currently have three women on our Board of Directors.

Paul GrahamPaul GrahamCMO | Board Member of The Marketing Society, Ex Versace, Burberry

A board with only one female member is not a board I would likely join. A company that needs this bill to make it appoint the most progressive and strongest board is in much deeper trouble.