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Our Mission

We have made it our mission to compile a list of the most qualified and distinguished women executives in the Nation who are looking to be board members. By having a comprehensive, private and exclusive list of the most prominent women executives in the US, we are making it more simpler than ever before for companies to fill their board seats with qualified C Level women executives. When a company is looking to fill board seats, we will present them with the MWOTB List and assist by finding the person that best suits their needs.

Why Now

In September 2018, Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson proposed Bill SB-826 that became a Law. SB-826 requires companies to have at least one woman on Board of Directors of a public company by the end of 2019, with at least two women on five-person boards, and three women on six-person boards by 2021. That is why we found it is imperative that we create a pipeline for highly qualified senior women who are ready to serve as Board Members.

Join The List

By being on the MWOTB list, you will be part of a comprehensive, private and exclusive list highlighting prestigious qualified senior women executives in the nation. This list will then be seen by companies seeking to fill board seat/seats and allowing you an incredible opportunity to become a board member. (NOTE: Recommendation of a peer or mentor who is a board member is needed.)

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Become An Advisor

By being on our Advisory Board, you will be given a leadership position of a New Initiative that is helping to change the way business is done in America. Guiding us on our journey to allow business to grow and evolve into a more diverse and welcoming culture while connecting the most prominent women in our nation.

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